At  the Holiday Cottage – Tranehuset – you will find some of Denmark’s most attractive facilities for Dark Sky, where the night sky can be viewed in almost perfect conditions with little to no light pollution. It is highly recommended to take a night stroll to the beach without artificial light and enjoy the view of the sky. Be patient and take your time – your eyes need to adapt to the dark. Limit your use of artificial light. In the quiet and warm nights of August, many shooting stars can be observed crossing the Milky Way. In autumn, the Milky Way can still be seen, but its neighbour, the Andromeda galaxy, appears in the northeast as a tiny foggy cloud. Although it is 2.4 million light-years away, it is still easy to spot on the dark sky over Møn and Nyord. In December, the long nights are lit up by a firework display of the many stars. For more info about Dark Sky and guidance to identify zodiac signs please access


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