Møns Klint – The most beautiful place in Denmark! When you are standing on the top of Møns Klint – 128 metres above the sea – you are also standing on top of the chalk foundation of Denmark. Uniquely, Denmark lies on a platform of chalk. Møns Klint is evidence of the powerful forces that created the country and the unique flora and fauna in the area. Only few places offer such diverse nature and well-preserved cultural heritage on a space of 450 squarekilometres as Møn. Møns Klint is located at walking distance away from Tranehuset. Møns Klint is accessable both by walking along the ocean on cobblestone beach, taking in the Cliffs from below, or accessable by walking along the edge of the Cliffs and experiencing the view from above. The house is located next to cliffs, within a short walking distance (approx. 500 meters).


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