The private beach, directly on the shore of Tranehuset, is a mixture of pebbles and sand. You can lay and seek the sun on the private grass plateau, towards the south. It is a 250 meters walk from the main house, crossing the private proporty grass area. If you take a stroll on the beach towards Klintholm Harbour, you will reach a sand beach by the end of Skansevej, next to a shelter (aprox. 1,5 kilometer from Thranehuset) . Klintholm Havn (5 kilometer from the house) has beautiful sandy beaches on both sides of the harbour. Here you can find restaurents, icecream shops and bar.

Klintholm Havn (5 kilometer from the house) has beautiful sandy beaches on both sides of the harbour. Here you can find restaurents, icecream shops and bar.


The Holiday Cottage – Tranehuset – is an old farmhouse built for more than 100 years ago. It served as the main income for families making their living on farming, a small house hold of animals and fishing.

Today it is mainly used for pleasure by the owners, who are enjoying weekends and holidays on the address. Additionally, it is rented out for visitors to the island. For rental administration we use HomeAway where both availability, prizing and detailed information about the house can be found. Please click “Booking” in the top menu.

This homepage provides a broader library of photos, both inside the house and of the surroundings, and provides an overview of activities in the neigborhood.

Holiday Cottage – Tranehuset – Indoors

The Holiday Cottage – Tranehuset – total size is distributed on a total of 160m2 and accommodates a total of 8 people, on a proporty of 35.000 m2. The Holiday Cottage is originally an old farm house that has been gradually modernised during the past 20 years. Today it is modern house with excellent up-to-date facilities.

The Holiday Cottage consist of three bedrooms, a living room with television and sleeping possibilities, and a gourmet kitchen with dining facilities in one room. The house has one bathroom with a shower and toilet.

The primary heating source is electrical heating with radiators, and floor heating in the bathroom and the kitchen. Well distributed in the Holiday Cottage is the secondary heat source with three wood burning stoves.

Water is heated by electrical heating units in the kitchen and bathroom.

Restroom & shower
Kitchen stove
Bedroom floor
Bedroom 1. ground floor
Bedroom 2 ground floor
Living room
Living room
Entrance Restroom & shower Orangery Orangery Kitchen Kitchen Kitchen Kitchen stove Bedroom floor Bedroom 1. ground floor Bedroom 2 ground floor Living room Kitchen Living room Organgery

Tranehuset – Floor plan

Ground floor
First floor

Holiday Cottage – Tranehuset – Outside

The Holiday Cottage – Tranehuset – is surrounded by an abundance of nature! With approximately 250 meters to the shore and a total property of more than 35.000m2, it gives you a unique privacy in open fields with lots of wild life. To be able to appreciate it best it is highly recommended that you enjoy your meals in the orangery, which is in direct connection to the main house. In the Scandinavian chilly spring and autumn, the orangery enables you to extend the days and evenings in natural light. Here you can enjoy your vacation even when the weather is rainy or windy. The orangery is facing towards the south with a direct view to the Baltic Sea. In warm and sunny weather you have the possibility to dine in the garden.

If you are a garden enthusiast, the property has a fairly large vegetable garden, open for your imagination and wisdom.


Møns Klint – The white cliffs

Møns Klint – The most beautiful place in Denmark! When you are standing on the top of Møns Klint – 128 metres above the sea – you are also standing on top of the chalk foundation of Denmark. Uniquely, Denmark lies on a platform of chalk. Møns Klint is evidence of the powerful forces that created the country and the unique flora and fauna in the area. Only few places offer such diverse nature and well-preserved cultural heritage on a space of 450 squarekilometres as Møn. Møns Klint is located at walking distance away from Tranehuset. Møns Klint is accessable both by walking along the ocean on cobblestone beach, taking in the Cliffs from below, or accessable by walking along the edge of the Cliffs and experiencing the view from above. The house is located next to cliffs, within a short walking distance (approx. 500 meters).


At  the Holiday Cottage – Tranehuset – you will find some of Denmark’s most attractive facilities for Dark Sky, where the night sky can be viewed in almost perfect conditions with little to no light pollution. It is highly recommended to take a night stroll to the beach without artificial light and enjoy the view of the sky. Be patient and take your time – your eyes need to adapt to the dark. Limit your use of artificial light. In the quiet and warm nights of August, many shooting stars can be observed crossing the Milky Way. In autumn, the Milky Way can still be seen, but its neighbour, the Andromeda galaxy, appears in the northeast as a tiny foggy cloud. Although it is 2.4 million light-years away, it is still easy to spot on the dark sky over Møn and Nyord. In December, the long nights are lit up by a firework display of the many stars. For more info about Dark Sky and guidance to identify zodiac signs please access


If you are interested in fishing for trout, the island of Møn is without question one of the ideal and most attractive locations. Tranehuset is situated with direct access and in walking distance (approx. 250 m) of the beach. Ideal shallow waters with plenty of vegetation bringing trouts close to the beach, which makes it very exiting for fishermen – either as a fly-fisher or ordinary sportsman fisher. Fishing by the coast requires waders. For easy access to attractive spots it is recommended to use local fishing guide.

Horse Riding

The countryside of Møns Klint is one of Denmark’s most spectacular locations for horseback riding, known for its dramatic scenery alongside the cliffs but also the beauty of seemingly never-ending woods and rolling hills. If you would like to explore Møn’s stunning terrain by horseback check out, who offer individual or group tours for both beginners and experienced riders on Icelandic horses. The cottage in itself does not accommodate facilities for keeping your own horses but can be kept at nearby locations in the neighbourhood. For guidance and recommendation for horse nearby facilities, please contact the owner by the contact form.


Sailing comes in many different forms. Regardless, your holiday should include a view of the cliffs from the sea. From Klintholm Havn it is possible to board “The Discovery”, which offers day tours to visit the cliffs from boat if the weather permits. It can also be done by sail boat, kayak, or kite surfing board – depending on your qualifications. If you bring a kayak, it is possible to lock it into the shed next to the main house.


In immediate connection with Tranehuset you will be able to make use of our outdoor wellness facilities. The facilities consist of 25 square meter terrace with an outdoor shower with both hot and cold water. Additional you have an outdoor bathtub when it is time to immerse yourself into a calm and relaxed atmosphere. When you get cold it is time for enjoying our sauna available for upto maximum 6 persons. The sauna is heated with wood and requires a minimum of 1 hour to heat up.

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The east part of the island Møn represents huge variety and diversity in species of flowers – many due to that the soil reach of unique minerals. The fields are especially famous for the many different species of orchids which can be, with a little luck, found in the surroundings of Tranehuset. They are not easy to find and normally require local insight, but when found, fascinating to admire for their beauty.


Klaphesten is a rustic and charming bar situated in the harbour of Klintholm Havn – an old fishermen village located approximately five kilometres from Tranehuset. Many things have been said about this old building, originally used for producing ice for fishing vessels and today used as a bar for sailors and other visitors coming to Klintholm Havn, but it is undoubtedly “hyggelig”. If you haven’t heard of the famous Danish word – look it up! It is highly recommended to take an afternoon free and visit the bar. The bar has a huge variety of whisky sorts, gins and offers light meals and good cocktails.


As the owners of the house we are proud to present a unique and attractive home for our visitors. When you plan your holiday and you need further clarification, please be free to fill out below contact form. We will return to you as soon as possible to answer any of your questions.


Tranehuset, Fyrvej 4, 4791 Borre


Anders & Marie Eskling and Henrik Lauritsen & Anne Jacobsson



    In the neighborhood of Tranehuset and on the island of Møn you have many possibilities to experience a large variarity of activities. In above list of links you are able to visit a number of homepages for inspiration which can assist you decide how to use your time best possible.